The pods at SFI's Cowan campus

External faculty are central to SFI’s identity as a world-class research institute. They enrich our networks of interactions, help us push the boundaries of complex systems science, and connect us to over 70 institutions around the globe.

This year, nine new researchers join SFI’s external faculty

Vijay Balasubramanian
University of Pennsylvania
Cathy and Marc Lasry Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

France Córdova
Science Philanthropy Alliance

Peter Dodds
University of Vermont 
Professor, Department of Computer Science
Director, Vermont Complex Systems Center

Alison Gopnik
University of California, Berkeley 
Professor of the Graduate School – Psychology & Philosophy

Andrea Graham
Princeton University 
Professor, Department of Ecology and Environmental Biology 
Co-Director, Program in Global Health

C. Brandon Ogbunu
Yale University 
Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Eleanor Power
London School of Economics
Assistant Professor, Department of Methodology

Paul Smaldino
University of California, Merced
Associate Professor, Cognitive & Information Sciences

Han van der Maas
University of Amsterdam
Professor & Head, Psychological Methods
Distinguished Research Professor of Complex Systems in the Social and Behavioural Sciences

Rejoining Member

We are also happy to welcome Woody Powell back to the external faculty.

Woody Powell
Stanford University
Jacks Family Professor, Graduate School of Education
Professor (by courtesy) of Sociology, Organizational Behavior, and Communication