SFI’s interactive science magazine, the SFI Bulletin, is now live. Our first issue of 2013, "States of Complexity," explores the increasing complexity of human society.

Why and how did states emerge independently around the world? How does the human capacity for metaphor help us imagine new societal structures? What innovations allowed Homo sapiens alone to become the “global villagers” we are today?

Read the new SFI Bulletin here (May 2013)

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Note to readers: The new SFI Bulletin is a web-based publication, created in HTML5, which means it is not built on the operating system of individual device makers. As this is a new and still-developing medium, we may discover functionality anomalies with individual browsers and devices. After you read the issues, please help us make the SFI Bulletin better by telling us about your experience in this very short, confidential survey. Ten survey takers will be randomly selected to win SFI T-shirts in their sizes.

Read the new SFI Bulletin here (May 2013)

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