SFI’s 2011 community lecture series began, Wednesday, March 2, with SFI Diplomat in Residence Bill Frej describing the complex system of Afghanistan and the challenges of achieving sustainable development in that war-torn country.

Watch the video. (61 minutes)

Afghanistan is etched in most peoples’ minds as a country fraught with corruption, oppressive insecurity, devastating poverty, and inept governance. But Afghans want change, and positive change in this complex environment is under way. U.S. economic and development assistance has been a catalyst.

Frej provided an in-depth look at one of Afghanistan’s untold success stories -- the transition from conflict to stabilization to sustainable development. He discusses new approaches to counter the ongoing insurgency and explains how the science of complexity can help these approaches.

Frej is a Career Minister in the United States Foreign Service, was USAID's Mission Director for Afghanistan (2009-2010), and is currently SFI's first Diplomat in Residence. 

Admission to SFI community lectures is free, but seating is limited.

This lecture was underwritten by Diana MacArthur, an SFI Trustee.

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