David Trowbridge, Flickr, Creative Commons license

“Emergent behavior in quantum matter,” an online course module created by SFI Science Board member David Pines, is part of Physics for the 21st Century, an 11-unit multimedia curriculum exploring the current frontiers of physics. 

Designed for adult learners such as high school teachers, undergraduates, and the interested public, Physics for the 21st Century was developed at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics by experimental physicist Christopher Stubbs.

The course presents an accessible overview of the rapidly advancing knowledge front in physics. It begins with an exploration of the basic building blocks of matter and ends with a unit on dark energy.

Two invited scientists contributed to the quantum matter unit: New York University professor Paul Chaikin and Rutgers University professor Piers Coleman.

“This is an exciting endeavor,” Pinesays. “It enables all kinds of people who are interested in science to learn more about the frontier fields in physics.”

Physics for the 21st Century is available free at the Annenberg Foundation website here.