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From the Green Fire Times: It's an abnormally hot July Tuesday in Santa Fe. In a St. John's College conference room, thirty people sit in four groups hunched over game boards; each participant pretending to be a high level official of the imaginary emerging Country X.

They feverishly bargain over resource allocation decisions. Should we invest more in agriculture? Energy? Water supply? In the game, all these decisions dramatically affect Country X's environmental and economic future. Dennis Meadows of the Club of Rome group and author of the pioneering 1974 Limits to Growth, sits nearby, plugging their choices into his laptop.

They're using Meadows' educational board game computer simulation, Stratagem, to learn the ins and outs of sustainable development. As impacts unfold with each decision, each table is moving its country in a different direction.

This is the second day of a two-week intensive program, the 2010 Global Sustainability Summer School (GSSS), sponsored by the Santa Fe Institute...


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