A new book authored by SFI External Professor W. Brian Arthur describes complexity economics, from the field’s serendipitous origins in a 1987 conference at SFI, through its development as SFI’s first research program, its foundational papers, and its rising importance during the current upheaval of traditional economic theory.

The book, Complexity and the Economy, will be available on Amazon October 30, 2014. It presents a collection of original papers on complexity economics, along with Arthur’s introductory commentary and historical account. 

Writes Arthur in the preface: "Taken together, a theme or framework for thinking emerges from the papers here. In the place of agents in well-defined problems with well-defined probabilistic outcomes using perfect deductive reason and thereby arriving at an equilibrium, we have agents who must make sense out of the situation they face, who need to explore choices using whatever reasoning is at hand, and who live with and must adjust to an outcome that their very adjustments may cause perpetually to change."

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