Colin Hill, whose company GNS Healthcare is helping provide personalized medical treatment through genetic data analytics, says his summer at SFI contributed to his idea to merge chaos theory, big data, genetics, and health care, according to an article in the Boston Globe.

"His imagination was stoked by a summer job in 1996 at Santa Fe Institute, an interdisciplinary research center focused on highly complex issues. Hill then went on to graduate from McGill and then Cornell University.

"By then, the Human Genome Project was becoming a reality, capturing the attention of many scientists, including a young Hill.

“That’s when two and two came together,” Hill said. “It was like ‘Oh yeah, the stuff we’re doing, though it’s pretty theoretical, it is going to be the thing that links these pieces together."

Hill participated in SFI's Complex Systems Summer School in 1996.

Read the article in the Boston Globe (May 13, 2013)