An ambitious proposal led by SFI External Professor Dirk Helbing to create a simulation of worldwide human activity is featured in the physics blog arXiv, along with examples of 70 existing public databases that he says show that such a meta-database is achievable. arXiv is published by MIT's Technology Review magazine.

Helbing and collaborators are asking the European Commission to spend 1 billion Euros to build, by 2022, the necessary database and modeling capability to simulate climate, energy security, food supply, disease outbreaks, and hundreds of other critical worldwide processes. Such a simulation center, which they call the Living Earth Simulator, could help global leaders predict or influence events or test the potential outcomes of policy options.

Among the current databases featured in the article are three affiliated with SFI:

     The Urban Observatory led by SFI External Professor Luis Bettencourt and Distinguished Professor Geoffrey West

     MIT's Reality Mining database of behavioral data led by former SFI Omidyar Fellow Nathan Eagle

     SFI Professor Libby Wood is a contributor to the CSCW and Uppsala Conflict Data Program database

Read the arXiv article (December 3, 2010)