Video: What Computers Teach Us About Being Human

In a February community lecture, Brian Christian shared his experiences as a "confederate" in an annual man vs. computer "Turing Test," offering insights on ways computers are reshaping what it means to be human. Watch his presentation here.

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New book: Duncan Watts on how common sense fails us

A new book by Duncan Watts reviews recent research in social science and social networking and shows how what we call common sense can mislead us and undermine our ability to address complex issues in business, government, and life.

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Video: The science & practice of cooperation

In an October 13 SFI public lecture, Harvard's Yochai Benkler questions the centuries-old practice of managing people through rewards and punishment and reviews successful institutions that succeed through cooperation. Watch the video here.

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What secrets does the ECG still hold?

On August 18 in Santa Fe, SFI External Professor Tim Buchman, Emory University School of Medicine, explained how paying closer attention to the electrocardiogram's signal might shed new light on the complex adaptive system that is human health.

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Seminar - Memento: Time Travel for the Web

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - 12:15 p.m. Medium Conference Room

 Memento: Time Travel for the Web

Herbert Van de Sompel, Digital Library Research & Prototyping, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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