CSSS Journalism Fellowship

The Complex Systems Summer Journalism Fellowship is a prestigious five-week residential and immersive program that offers two accomplished journalists the opportunity to explore complex systems science more deeply. Open to national and international journalists, eligible candidates must have demonstrated interest in reporting on topics related to complex systems. Fellows receive a generous stipend for the duration of the Fellowship, including travel reimbursement.

During their residency in Santa Fe, Fellows are embedded in SFI’s iconic Complex Systems Summer School where they learn through an intensive series of lectures and labs taught by world-renowned faculty. At the end of the school, they have an additional reflective week at SFI’s main campus to interact with scientists and learn about the Institute. Armed with a new appreciation for the history of and trends in complex systems science, and the state and limitations of current scientific theory, the Fellows then return to their day-to-day reporting better prepared to convey the interrelatedness of solutions to the complex problems we face.

Applications reopen in January 2025.

Anil Ananthaswamy is an award-winning science writer and former staff writer and deputy news editor for the London-based New Scientist magazine. He is a 2019-20 MIT Knight Science Journalism fellow. He organizes and teaches an annual science writing workshop at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bengaluru, India. Anil writes for regularly for New Scientist, QuantaScientific American, Nature, and has contributed to Nautilus, MatterThe Wall Street Journal, Discover and the UK’s Literary Review, among others. He is the author of three popular science books (The Edge of Physics, The Man Who Wasn’t There and Through Two Doors at Once). His next book, Why Machines Learn: The Elegant Math Behind Modern AI, will be published on July 16 by Dutton (Penguin Random House).

Adam Becker is a freelance journalist. He has written for the New York Times, the BBC, NPR, Scientific American, Quanta, Veritasium, and others. Adam is also the author of two books: What is Real?, an affable account of the sordid untold history of quantum physics; and More Everything Forever, a critical look at ideas about the future that are influential in Silicon Valley, which will be published in early 2025. Adam has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Michigan. He lives in California.

Past Journalism Fellows

Kevin Allison

Christie Aschwanden

Sandra Blakeslee

Rhitu Chatterjee

Laurence Gonzales

Veronique Greenwood

Guy Gugliotta

Julie Rehmeyer

Alexandra Witze