Why short sellers are betting against consumer discretionary stocks

Quoting SFI Trustee Josh Wolfe.

University of New Mexico Newsroom: 2022 Paul Bartlett Ré Peace Prize Winners to be honored for Outstanding Peace Promotion

Highlighting SFI External Faculty Kathy Powers.

The Canberra Times: What shorter government terms mean for policy creation and delivery

Referencing SFI founding member Murray Gell-Mann.

Aeon: Life in early cities: on neighborhoods and energized crowding

Referencing research by SFI Faculty members: Geoffrey West, Brian Enquist, James Brown, Luis Bettencourt, Jose Lobo, and Scott Ortman.

CBC Canada: 1 of 5 species of reptiles are at risk of extinction

Interviewing SFI External Faculty Mary O'Connor.

MarketWatch: Storied VC says investors are unlearning the lessons of the last bull market. Jeff Bezos says you should listen

Quoting SFI Trustee Bill Gurley.

Caracas Chronicles: We Need to Talk About Sanctions

Referencing SFI External Faculty Ricardo Hausmann.

Axios: Virtual meetings have a creativity cost

Quoting SFI External Faculty James Evans.

The Atlantic: Is America in the Middle of an Invisible COVID Wave?

Quoting SFI External Faculty Sam Scarpino.

Quillette: Musk and Moderation

Op-ed by SFI Trustee Jim Rutt.

Of Dollars and Data: A Stock is Not an Index

Referencing research by SFI past President and Faculty Geoffrey West.

Bloomberg Quint: Exiled Venezuelan Leader Pushes for Primaries to Confront Maduro

Quoting SFI External Faculty Ricardo Hausmann.

Lex Fridman Podcast #279: Alien Debate: Sara Walker and Lee Cronin

Interviewing SFI External Faculty Sara Walker.

The Economist: Tariffs on Russian energy are a smart way to hobble Vladimir Putin

Highlighting research by SFI External Professor Ricardo Hausmann.

Daily FT: Sri Lanka's financial rescue emergency

Referencing SFI External Faculty Ricardo Hausmann.

Simons Institute: The Arrow of Time in Causal Networks

Highlighting research by SFI External Faculty Sean Carroll.

AP News: EXPLAINER: Can climate change be solved by pricing carbon?

Quoting SFI External Faculty Seth Blumsack.

St. Louis Business Journal: CEO of James S. McDonnell Foundation, one of region's largest foundations, to retire

Spotlighting SFI Science Board Member Susan Fitzpatrick.

The Atlantic: Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein Wants to Liberate Scientific Storytelling

Referencing SFI External Faculty Sean Carroll. Digital humanism aims to balance human needs, emerging tech

Quoting SFI External Faculty Allison Stanger.