Working Group

This event is by invitation only.

Meeting Summary: An ongoing goal of scaling research is to produce increasingly detailed generative models that are capable of predicting long-term dynamics and underlying tradeoffs in function. Universities, as a category of human institutions, offer both highly detailed data about the characteristics of individual organizations and a wide range of institutional types and strategies. Following initial successes regarding phenomenological regularities within higher education, this working group is aimed at 1) identifying possible generative models for university scaling and temporal change, and 2) incorporating a larger amount of data for characterizing the tradeoffs in university function.

Marion Dumas, London School of Economics
Chris Kempes, SFI
Manfred Laubichler, ASU; SFI (via Skype)
Xiaofan Liang, Minerva Schools at KGI (via Skype)
Debbie Strumsky, ASU
Ryan Taylor, ASU (via Skype)
Geoffrey West, SFI
Vicky Yang, SFI

Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
Chris Kempes and Geoffrey West