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The Santa Fe Symphony and the Santa Fe Institute present a unique symphony of science. The event features remarks by SFI mathematician and computer scientist Christopher Moore, punctuated with an expansive overhead multimedia presentation and interspersed with grand musical selections by The Symphony, conducted by David Felberg. It’s an immersion in sound, sights, and ideas that will engage and thrill.

The program takes the audience on a mind-expanding journey, from the rhythms of molecules and planets to the harmonies of dolphins and the dissonances of the “devil’s interval,” from the music of Bach, Brahms and Richard Strauss to the themes of Harry Potter and Mission Impossible, from the earliest bone flutes 40,000 years ago to the soundtracks of modern cinema.

"The Majesty of Music and Mathematics" is the fourth in a series of "Voyages of Discovery" events co-organized by the Santa Fe Institute and The Santa Fe Symphony.

Purchase your tickets through The Santa Fe Symphony (505) 983-1414, or The Lensic Performing Arts Center (505) 988-1234. 

"The Majesty of Music and Mathematics" is generously underwritten by the Sydney and Andrew Davis Foundation.

Community Event

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