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Luciano Costa (Institute of Physics at Sao Carlos, University of Sao Paulo)

Abstract.  Complex networks have been used to model almost any real-world complex systems.  An especially important issue regards how to relate network structures to their dynamics, which would contribute not only to the better understanding of such systems, but also to the prediction of important dynamical properties from specific topological features. In this talk I will review related research developed recently in my group.  In particular, I will discuss the concept of accessibility, a new measurement integrating topology and dynamics, and the relationship between frequency of visits and node degree in directed modular complex networks.  Analytical results will be provided that allow accurate prediction of correlations between structure and dynamics in systems underlain by directed diffusion.  This methodology will be demonstrated with respect to the macaque cortical network. I will also briefly discuss some other applications of these types of complex networks analysis approaches such as to transportation in cities, bone structure, and epidemics in morphologic systems.

Bio.  Luciano da F. Costa got BSs in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, a MSc in Applied Physics (Univ. of Sao Paulo), and a PhD in Electronic Engineering  (King's College, Univ. of London).  He is a Full Professor at the Institute of Physics at São Carlos, University of São Paulo, where he coordinates the Interdisciplinary Computing Group.

Luciano's work has appeared in over 230 articles in magazines and indexed journals including Nature Communications, Scientific American, New Scientist, Advances in Physics, Physical Review Letters, Bioinformatics, Journal of Neuroscience, Interface, among many others.  His publications have been cited over 300 times per year in ISI/Web of Science.  He is also the author of the book Shape Analysis and Classification (CRC Press, 2nd Edition), and is writing a book on the Multidisciplinary of Complex Networks for Cambridge University Press.  He belongs to the Editorial Board of Neuroinformatics, Biological Theory, and Journal of Complex Networks.

Luciano has been a Visiting Scholar at St Catherine's College, Univ. of Cambridge, a Visiting Professor at the University of Bourgogne, and a Member of the Konrad Lorenz Institute (Austria). He participated in a Human Frontier project with the Salk Institute and University of Vienna.  His areas of interest include complex systems, complex networks, vision, image analysis, music, philosophy, arts, and pattern recognition.

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