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Business Network Topical Meeting, Co-organized by Fidelity Investments

To be held on May 11, 2011 at Fidelity Investments, Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT), 245 Summer St., Boston, MA

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The ever-increasing size and complexity of large-scale software systems is one of the greatest challenges facing business, government, and academia today. Such systems are "interdependent webs of software-intensive systems, people, policies, cultures, and economics", representing unprecedented aggregations of one or more of the following quantities": (1) lines of code; (2) amount of data stored, accessed, manipulated, and refined; (3) number of connections and interdependencies; (4) number of hardware elements; (5) number of computational elements; (6) number of system purposes and user perception of these purposes; (7) number of routine processes, interactions, and “emergent behaviors”; (8) number of (overlapping) policy domains and enforceable mechanisms; (9) number of people involved in some way ((DOD Study on Ultra-Large-Scale Software Systems).

This SFI Business Network Topical Meeting, jointly organized by Fidelity and SFI, will explore ways in which the study of complex systems in other domains of science and technology can be valuable for large-scale software systems, survey the state of the art in verification and validation of large-scale software systems from the academic and corporate perspectives, and consider implications of large-scale systems for the financial industry.


 Hamid Benbrahim (Vice President, Applied Complexity Research, Fidelity Investments) and Chris Wood (Vice President, Administration, SFI, and Director, SFI Business Network)


Cosma Shalizi, SFI External Professor and Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University
Measures of Complex Systems in Science and Technology

Ed Clarke, FORE Systems Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie-Mellon University
Model Checking: My 30 Year Quest to Conquer the State Explosion Problem

Patrick Lincoln, Director, Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International
Discovering and Enforcing Abstractions of Complex Systems

Stephanie Forrest, SFI External Professor and Professor and Chair, UNM Department of Computer Science
Correcting Software Errors With Evolutionary Computation

Ned Allen, Chief Scientist, Lockheed Martin
Verification and Validation of Large-Scale Software Systems

Susan Girgis, Director of Operations, Cisco
Complex Software Systems: Managing Methodology, Metrics and Human Nature

David Mordecai, President, Risk Economics Inc.
Wrap-Up: Implications for the Financial Industry

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