Thaw Library - Miller Campus
Micro Working Group

This event is private.

Meeting Summary: As a part of the ongoing SFI-based working group on “Human-Centered Interactions with Species through Space and Time,” this micro working group brings together a subset of five researchers to focus on finalizing analyses and writing papers related to one of the six core study systems: the Polynesian islands of Mo’orea, Maupiti, and Mangareva. The work in this system, funded in part by a prior coupled-natural human systems (CNH) grant from the National Science Foundation, is using detailed archaeological and ecological data to address how human interactions with other species, in the context of similar but differing ecological and environmental contexts of the islands, shape socio-ecological dynamics, sustainability, and resilience across a millennium of human presence.   



Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
Jennifer Dunne and Stefani Crabtree