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Abstract.  In the past decade, two-photon imaging of intact immune organs has signaled a technological advance in the study of immune cells in vivo. Concomitantly, there has been significant interest in using 2 photon in vivo imaging data to develop computational models to understand how cell movement affects immune function. We propose to bring together a group of experimental immunologists with mathematical and computational modelers to better understand how immune cell movement in complex in vivo settings impacts T cell search efficiency and immune response. The proposed working group would be co-organized by Melanie Moses (UNM Computer Science) and Judy Cannon (UNM HSC Molecular Genetics and Microbiology/Pathology), with participation from Nitant Kenkre (UNM Distinguished Professor of Physics) to ensure a balance of experimental scientists with modeling expertise from computer science, mathematics and physics. Such interdisciplinary approaches to immunology are rare, and would draw from local expertise in immune system modeling at SFI, Los Alamos and UNM.

Research Collaboration
SFI Host: 
Melanie Moses and Judy Cannon

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