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Meeting Summary: 

Hate crimes are designed to provoke fear within the targeted group over and above the individual attack. Their occurrence, dynamics, and impact on targeted and broader community have been studied from different, often disconnected perspectives. Some studies focus on psychological and cultural factors specific to individual perpetrators and victims. Others look at socioeconomic and political factors that affect the probability of collective action and of spread of ideas supportive of such crimes. Yet others analyze the aggregate statistical patterns in hate crimes observed at the level of populations. This group, following up on a successful initial SFI meeting on violent radicalization in March 2017, will aim to overcome the boundaries between these traditionally separate approaches. Participants from different disciplines will work on integrating their respective knowledge and empirical data on hate crimes, and build simple quantitative models that can help to understand hate crime trends in the US and the UK.


Research Collaboration
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Mirta Galesic