Photo © Nerissa Escanlar
Noyce Conference Room
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Our campus is closed to the public for this event.

The career of Harold Morowitz, spanning nearly seven decades, was devoted to forming a more perfect union of biology with the rest of the natural sciences, and a more informed and collaborative dialogue of science with society.  Scientific themes throughout this career included the use of novel data sources and computational methods in biology, the inclusive comprehension of the biosphere in thermodynamic terms, and searches for minimal or primordial forms of life.  In addition to professional scientific output, Morowitz maintained a prolific stream of influential popular-science writing, as well as numerous ongoing dialogues with secular and religious scholars and active contributions to civic life and important legal decisions.  We propose to hold a symposium to honor Harold’s professional and public life, which will reflect the unity across his many areas of influence, and bringing together the several communities which were influenced by him. 

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