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Complexity of Regulation

Held at Inn at Loretto, Santa Fe, NM. 

  • Organized by 
  • David Krakauer, Chair of Faculty and Professor, Santa Fe Institute
  • and 
  • Chris Wood, Vice President, Administration and Director of Business Network, Santa Fe Institute

The 2010 Business Network / Trustees Symposium will explore the manner in which regulatory systems are ubiquitous in the world around us, including in physical, biological, and social systems. While many of these are very different from the top-down, government imposed notion of regulation commonly thought of when we hear the word "regulation", we feel there is a great deal to learn from a truly comparative, trans-disciplinary approach to this problem. We are proceeding on the assumption there may be important common lessons, concepts and methods to be inferred about the stability and predictability (or lack thereof) of dynamics in a wide range of systems ranging from developmental biology, through to population levels, and cultural institutions, when subjected to different forms of regulatory mechanism. Topics to be covered include Regulation in Biological Systems, Regulation of the Economy, Regulation of Communications Systems and the Internet, Regulation of Health Care and Biomedicine, Regulation of the Atmosphere and Space, and Regulation of International Affairs.


  • -- Regulation of the Economy: Lessons of the Financial Crisis 
  • John Geanakoplos, External Professor, SFI, and Professor, Yale University 
  • -- Complexity of Regulation: An Introduction 
  • David Krakauer, Chair of Faculty and Professor, SFI 
  • --Regulation of the Economy 
  • J. Doyne Farmer, Professor, Santa Fe Institute
  • --Regulation of Space
  • Joan Johnson-Freese, Chair, Department of National Security Studies, U.S. Naval War College
  • --Regulation of Population Dynamics
  •  Shripad Tuljapurkar, Professor of Biology and the Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies, Stanford University
  • --Regulation of Medical Practice 
  • Christine Cassel MD, President, American Board of Internal Medicine
  • --Regulating the Architecture of the Internet
  • Barbara van Schewick, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Faculty Director, Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School
  • --Regulatory Forces in International Relations 
  • William Frej, SFI Diplomat in Residence, Former USAID Mission Director, Afghanistan
  • --Regulation of Scholarship in the Digital Age 
  • Christine Borgman, Presidential Chair and Professor of Information Studies, UCLA
  • --Parkinson's Law in Bacterial Regulation
  • Sergei Maslov, Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science, Brookhaven National Laboratory


View current agenda here.


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Welcome and Introduction

AuthorsJerry Sabloff, Chris Wood

Regulation of the Economy

AuthorsDoyne Farmer

Regulation of Medical Practice

AuthorsChristine Cassel

Regulation of Population Dynamics

AuthorsShripad Tuljapurkar

Regulation of the Economy: Lessons of the Financial Crisis

AuthorsJohn Geanakoplos

Parkinson's Law in Bacterial Regulation

AuthorsSergei Maslov

Complexity of Regulation - An Introduction

AuthorsDavid Krakauer

Regulating Scholarship in the Digital Age

AuthorsChristine Borgman

Regulatory Forces in International Relations

AuthorsWilliam Frej

Regulation of Space

AuthorsJoan Johnson-Freese

Copyright in the Digital Age

AuthorsMolly Van Houweling

Regulating the Architecture of the Internet

AuthorsBarbara Van Schewick

Closing Remarks

AuthorsDavid Krakauer

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