2019 Complex Systems Summer School Proceedings


2019 Proceedings Book (collection of all student abstracts from summer school projects)

Note: below are the titles for all of the abstracts included in the 2019 Proceeedings Book. If there is a link, the group approved sharing their final paper on this page.

2019 CSSS - All Titles & Authors


An Agent-Based Model of a National Housing Market

Ian Lim, John S. Schuler


A Breeding Pool of Ideas: Analyzing Interdisciplinary Collaborations at the Complex Systems Summer School

Jacqueline Brown, Dakota Murray, Kyle Furlong, Emily Coco, Fabian Dablander


Complex Systems Science and Community-Based Research: A Scoping Review Protocol

Travis R. Moore, Helena VonVille, Winnie Poel, Glory Dee A. Romo, Ian Lim, Robert W. S. Coulter


CSSSSSSSSS: Complex Systems Summer School Selected Social Survey Statistics, Summarized Succinctly

Shihui Feng, Kate Wootton, Alec Kirkley, Hunter Wapman


Cultural erosion in online communities

Marjoriikka Ylisiurua, Winnie Poel


Disentangling ecological and taphonomic signals in ancient food webs

Jack Shaw, Kate Wootton, Emily Coco, Dries Daems, Andrew Gillreath-Brown, Anshuman Swain


Do decision strategies naturally emerge as a result of the brain’s necessity for efficient coding?

Paula Parpart, Mikaela Akrenius


Entropy in mountainous river networks

Gen Li, Alec Kirkley, Dan Krofcheck, Brennan Klein


Evolution of phenotypic diversity and co-operation in a spatially explicit model of microbial populations

Jessica Audrey Lee, Kirtus Leyba, Adam Z. Reynolds, Ritwika VPS, Daniel Borrero, Pam Mantri


Food Security and Resilience: A New Paradigm

Erwin Knippenberg, Andrew Gillreath-Brown, Dan Krofcheck, Pam Mantri, Fabian Dablander, Alexander Bakus


Influence of education on the aesthetic perception of strange attractors: A pilot study

Mikaela Akrenius, Ethan Nadler, Mark Chu


Lilliput Effect: Explaining mass extinction driven dwarfing with metabolic scaling

Anshuman Swain, Jordi Piñero, Jack Shaw


Long-scale language dynamics as a reaction–diffusion system: mesoscopic analysis

Henri Kauhanen, Ritwika VPS, Harun Šiljak, Kenzie Givens, Pablo M. Flores


Lost in Translation? Evaluating the Gap in Science Policy Communication

John F. Malloy, Dakota Murray, Ritwika VPS, Christina Boyce-Jacino, Kyle Furlong, Mackenzie M. Johnson, Andrew Gillreath-Brown


Microbiobots: gene transfer and evolution in a genetically diverse robot swarm population

Levi Fussell, Kirtus Leyba, Jessica A Lee, and Anshuman Swain


Models and Metaphors Lesson Plan  LINK

Dries Daems, Doug Reckamp, Ethan Nadler


Overweighted Expectation: A Psychological Explanation for the Financial Crisis

Mikaela Akrenius, Elissa Cohen, Ahyan Panjwani


Predicting Population Density Based on Water Resource Availability

Jessica Brumley, Catherine Brinkley, Gen Li, Ian Lim


Putting humans in food webs

Alexander Bakus, Erwin Knippenberg, Chris Quarles, Patrick Steinmann, Kate Wootton


Resilience and presilience of protein network

April S. Kleppe, Mackenzie M. Johnson, Ludvig Holmér, Keith Smith, Anshuman Swain, Brennan Klein, Laura Stolp, Douglas Reckamp


Resilient Life: An Exploration of Perturbed Autopoietic Patterns in Conway’s Game of Life

Arta Cika, Elissa Cohen, Germán Kruszewski, Luther Seet, Patrick Steinmann, Wenqian Yin


Reviewing Early Warning Signals for Psychology: Theoretical and Practical Considerations

Fabian Dablander, Anton Pichler, Arta Cika, Andrea Bacilieri


Semantic networks of simple agent-based models   LINK

William Braasch, Pavel Chvykov, Levi Fussell, Xin Ran, Chiara Semenzin


Semantic Organization in the Color Distributions of Google Image Search Results 

Douglas Guilbeault, Ethan O. Nadler, Mark Chu, Donald Ruggiero Lo Sardo, Aabir Abubaker Kar, Bhargav Srinivasa Desikan


Simulating Climate Change Belief Dynamics in Social Networks

Ernest Aigner, Jackie Brown, Kyle Furlong, David Gier, Ludvig Holmer, Ritwika VPS


Simulating Dystopian Worlds: A Sci-Fi Agent-based Modeling Anthology   LINK

Andrew Gillreath-Brown, Jeongki Lim, Harun Siljak


Taming the Complex via Concept Mapping

Pam Mantri, Glory Dee Romo, Wenqian Yin


Too Much Information and Segregation

Christopher Quarles, Wenqian Yin, J. Pablo Franco, Jordi Piñero, Brennan Klein


A Topologically Diverse Graph Ensemble

Travis Moore, Anton Pichler, Xin Ran, Keith Smith, Yuka Suzuki


Understanding cell division dynamics using a neural network decision making model

Kunaal Joshi, Anshuman Swain, Kazuya Horibe


Understanding leaf traits and ecology using novel complexity measures

Levi Fussell, Emily Coco, Anshuman Swain


Urbanization and Malaria Incidences in Ghana: a spatio-temporal analysis

Merveille Koissi Savia, Bhartendu Pandey, Anshuman Swain, Jeongki Lim


Using semantically-organized networks for the visualization of short texts   LINK

Jeongki Lim, Christina Boyce-Jacino, Dakota Murray, John F. Malloy, Ignacio Garnham, Pablo M. Flores, Douglas Reckamp


What Can Social Complexity Teach Us about Cultural Evolution   LINK

Alex Schaefer, Dries Daems, Ignacio Garnham, Kazuya Horibe