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For more than 35 years, a small team of renowned scientists has been forging a science for the interconnected world. SFI's founders dreamt of an "institute without walls," where scientists could pursue pressing problems without regard to traditional disciplines or funding streams. Today, SFI attracts top researchers from around the globe by creating a culture of unification and connectivity. Our fundamental research has found breakthrough applications to some of society's most pressing problems such as technological development, urban sustainability, and epidemic tracking.

Whether you are a new or seasoned traveler in the complex systems universe, we invite you to connect with us. For lifelong learners, we offer online courses, research news, books, video presentations on our youtube page, a podcast, a Facebook discussion group for complexity enthusiasts, an annual ideas festival, and an award-winning community lecture series. Financial supporters can join our science club — a study group that meets periodically for small-group conversations with SFI researchers. Undergraduates and graduate-level science majors can participate in our iconic summer schools, and postdoctoral scientists can apply to join our research community. Foundations, governments, and private companies can partner with SFI by joining our Applied Complexity Network.