Santa Fe Institute

Complexity Explorer

SFI’s Complexity Explorer will offer online educational resources across disciplines and instructional levels to help formalize and standardize education in the complexity sciences. The web-based collaborative learning space comprises five sections to accommodate the breadth of users' needs and familiarity with complexity science.

Source Materials Search Engine: Annotated references to books, papers, articles, tutorials, and videos serve as an introduction to complexity science and highlight the results of research in the field. (Under development)

Complexity Curriculum Generator: Teachers from the middle school through the advanced university levels will find syllabi, course materials, and homework modules based on their instructional needs. (Under development)

Virtual Laboratory: Demos and simulations useful for teaching and learning illustrate such key concepts as fractals, networks, and scaling. Students can use the interactive programs in their experiments and exercises. (Under development)

Glossary: Definitions of key terms relating to complexity science. (Under development)

Feedback and Submissions: Users can submit new syllabi, glossary entries, and paper summaries and other responses to the Complexity Explorer. (Under development)

The Santa Fe Institute thanks the John Templeton Foundation for its generous support for the development of this resource.