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Why the Internet Won't Get You Any More Friends
Robin Dunbar
March 12, 2014
Social media promises us an ever-expanding circle of friends, but that may be an empty promise. Social behavior is firmly rooted in biology, and our brains are hard-wired to maintain meaningful relationships with only about 150 people. Evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar formulated "Dunbar's Number" to measure the cognitive limit of ...
WhatÂ’'s So Social About the Social Brain?
Robin Dunbar
March 11, 2014
The social brain hypothesis was formally launched two decades ago, and the intervening period has seen a considerable amount of both comparative and neuroimaging research. While evidence in support of the quantitative predictions of the hypothesis has accumulated steadily, it has also become apparent that the real complexity of the ...
Medical, Scientific, Political and Journalistic Pitfalls in the Study of Confusing Illnesses
Julie Rehmeyer
Feb. 26, 2014
When illnesses are confusing, without clear mechanisms or sharply-defined symptoms, they are often considered psychosomatic, and there's a consistent pattern of poor handling by federal agencies, researchers, doctors, and the media. AIDS, multiple sclerosis, chronic Lyme disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome are all cases of this. I'll describe this pattern, ...
A Game Approach to the Emergence of Hostile Leadership
Dave Phillips
Feb. 25, 2014
Recent archaeological models have examined consensual paths to incipient social leadership. A modification of the Hawk-Dove game explores conditions under which non-consensual appropriation of resources is rewarded. In some circumstances such behavior is not rewarded even in the absence of sanctions. Even when such behavior is otherwise rewarded, a small ...
The Challenge of Obesity, and a Systems Approach to Solutions
Ross Hammond
Feb. 12, 2014
Obesity has grown into a major global epidemic. Rates in the US have doubled since the 1980s, with more than two-thirds of adults now overweight (including more than one third who are obese). These trends are paralleled by rapid growth in childhood obesity, suggesting adult rates may continue to climb ...
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