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Emerging Diseases, Deadly Lessons
Carlos Castillo-Chavez
April 12, 2016
t has been more than two years since confirmation of the Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak in West Africa. Now, with the end of the outbreak in sight, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the experience. The global impact of that epidemic, and recent outbreaks of SARS and influenza, ...
Smart Machines…and What They Can Still Learn from People
Gary Marcus
March 15, 2016
For nearly half a century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been more science fiction than science: exciting, possible, but just out of reach. And despite significant advances, "strong AI" in many ways remains elusive. Best-selling author and entrepreneur Gary Marcus provides a cognitive scientist's perspective on AI. What have we learned? ...
Four the hard way: Computer design and living software
David Ackley
March 15, 2016
Traditional digital computers are deterministic, synchronous, centralized, and bounded—simplifying assumptions that interlock to resist fundamental change, even though their collective results are incurring growing scale and security liabilities in the modern world. "Indefinitely scalable architecture" renegotiates all four design decisions at once, accepting harder choices up front to enable vastly ...
The Urban Species: How Domesticated Humans Evolved
Annalee Newitz
Feb. 29, 2016
Modern humans are building megacities – and networks of megacities – at an unprecedented scale. Annalee Newitz compares today’s urbanization phenonmenon to that of the Neolithic period roughly 9,000 years ago, when humans first began living in sedentary communities. That shift prompted massive social, biological, and technological changes, creating the ...
DNA, Love, and Gender
Karissa Sanbonmatsu
Feb. 4, 2016
When it comes to human behavior, some traits are neither nature nor nurture, but something altogether different. That “something” is epigenetics, the science that helps to explain how the environment, including some social interactions, alter DNA. In this talk, Dr. Karissa Sanbonmatsu gives an overview of the new science of ...
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