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Why We Kill: Violence as Socialization
Ginger Rhodes, Richard Rhodes
Dec. 11, 2014
Acts of serious violence – often committed by seemingly average people – leave us only to ask “Why?” Culture, genetics, and low self-esteem are often cited, but growing evidence points to brutalization experienced in childhood, often at the hands of parents or peers. Ginger Rhodes and Richard Rhodes explore the ...
Complex Divergent Systems: The Essential Role of Divergence in the Evolution and Discovery of Complexity
Kenneth Stanley
Oct. 22, 2014
The process of natural evolution on Earth has discovered over its history a vast diversity of complex (sometimes astronomically so) and ingenious capabilities that often provide inspiration for human inventors, such as photosynthesis, flight, and even human intelligence. While much is known about evolution in nature, attempts to replicate its ...
I Get All the News I Need from the Sports Section
Sidney Redner
Oct. 15, 2014
Sports players (or teams) are often described as being hot or cold, implying there is something inherently "streaky" about an athlete's performance that extrapolates to the next try. Using data from 10 seasons of professional basketball and more than a century of major-league baseball, physicist Sid Redner argues that scoring ...
Maya Archaeology and Its Relevance to the Modern World
Jeremy Sabloff
Sept. 10, 2014
Stanislaw Ulam Lecture Series: Seeing the Future in Our Past: Why Archaeology Matters While the great architectural, artistic, and intellectual achievements of Pre-Columbian Maya peoples continue to bedazzle us for their richness, an understanding of the arc of ancient Maya civilization has relevance to problems facing the world today. SFI ...
How Insights from Archaeology Might Help Shape Our Future
Jeremy Sabloff
Sept. 9, 2014
Stanislaw Ulam Lecture Series: Seeing the Future in Our Past: Why Archaeology Matters Despite its popularity, archaeology’s public perception is not as accurate as it could be. Archaeologists do not have their collective heads immersed in the past, as is often supposed, but are very much concerned with both the ...
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