Santa Fe Institute

Business Network Fellowship

The Business Network Fellowship is open to individuals from member companies of the Santa Fe Institute Business Network. The Fellowship enables an individual to spend up to four weeks over a two-year period at the Institute to pursue research congruent to the research of SFI.

Application Criteria

  1. Each Fellowship will be for one person, not split among individuals within a company.
  2. The Fellow will be a full-time employee of a member organization of the SFI Business Network.
  3. The Fellow will endeavor to collaborate with researchers in the SFI research community.
  4. While no degree is required, the Fellow will possess deep knowledge in complex adaptive systems research or other field of research consistent with SFI's mission.

Application Process

Application requirements:

    • - a current CV or resume
    • - a statement of purpose not to exceed four single-spaced pages that includes a summary of the proposed research to be carried out at the Institute, an outline of the technical and scientific benefits of the work, and an explanation of how it relates to existing SFI research themes.

Upon completion of the Fellowship period the Fellow is required to produce a detailed technical report based on his or her research. Where appropriate the research may also be considered for publication in the SFI Working Paper Series. Fellows are also encouraged to schedule a lunchtime seminar upon completion of their time at the Institute.

The Santa Fe Institute will support travel and accommodation expenses up to $2000 per two-week visit, bringing the total value of the Fellowship to $4000.

Selection Process

Business Network Fellows are chosen by a committee comprised of the SFI Vice Presidents and the Research Faculty.

About Business Network

Past Business Network Fellows

John Litherland, CNO Strategic Studies Group

Ranjit Kumble, Pfizer's Management Science Group

Matt Koehler, The MITRE Corporation

Massimiliano Spaziani, Telecom Italia