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Membership Benefits

The Business Network provides numerous opportunities for companies and organizations to engage in cross-industry collaborative discussions, stay abreast of research activities, and initiate and participate in SFI's Topical Meetings and workshops.

Benefits of membership include:

  • - Attend the Annual Business Network and Board of Trustees' Symposium, held each November.
  • - Participate in Theme Weeks at SFI.
  • - Attend Business Network Topical Meetings on subjects of interest suggested by members. Topical Meetings are held throughout the year and at a variety of locations.
  • - Admission to SFI’s highly competitive Complex Systems Summer School (CSSS) and Global Sustainability Summer School (GSSS) in Santa Fe.
  • -Attend short courses on complexity organized by SFI in various locations nationwide
  • - The opportunity to spend up to four weeks at SFI via the Business Network Fellowship Program.
  • - Receive quarterly electronic updates and announcements.
  • - Receive access to the Business Network community website CASITA (Complex Adaptive Systems IT Area).
  • - Receive select volumes published throughout the year by SFI and SFI-affiliated authors.
  • - Receive or access online select articles
  • - Receive DVDs  or access online videos  of selected events including Public Lectures and Topical Meetings.
  • - Receive hard copies of each SFI Working Paper or access online  immediately upon publication (approximately 55 per year).

Membership Fee

The annual fee for membership in the SFI Business Network is $40,000. Some companies give additional support for specific research themes, researchers, and equipment. In addition, there are recruitment and collaborative research opportunities via the Santa Fe Institute extended research network which includes hundreds of top scientists from around the world.


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